DIY padded hangers

I have way too many silky blouses that tend to slip off  hangers. If I get  velvet /padded ones for all of them, I’d be too broke to buy another silky blouse (nope. not an option).  So I decided to transform the not-so-friendly but quite affordable wire hangers into DIY padded ones. Here’s what I  made while watching TV.

 All you need is some soft ribbons (about 1 inch wide) or cut some old T-shirt into long ribbons and do the wrapping.

Tip 1:  Use a stretchy material that stays in place

Tip 2:  Start from the middle of the hanger (leave an end about 2 inches),  wrap around the wire all the way back to the middle and tie a bow there.


One thought on “DIY padded hangers

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