Melrose is my absolute favorite shopping district in Los Angeles. It’s got countless stylish clothing and furniture boutiques as well as some huge names such as Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs and Chrome Hearts.  For fun experience, check out the ultimate Kitson store (this one has a lot more options than any other Kitson store in the States) and Marc by Marc Jacobs (they have tons of affordable accessories ranging from $5 to $30). And I have to mention this most-loved organic café called Urth Café across the street from Kitson. Everything is organic and tasty, perfect for a light lunch or afternoon tea. And last but not least may I remind you that chance of bumping into a major celeb in any of the stores I mention above (including Urth Café) is even bigger than in Beverly Hills 😀

In Marc by Marc Jacobs store. I put on this crazy fuzzy hat (priced at like $2000) for fun and the sales people didn’t mind me walking around in it and not planning to pay for it at all. I got a lot of inquiries about this fringe top, it is from U.O. , nothing pricey. Pls excuse the quality of this picture. It was taken by my poor blackberry lol.

Marc Jacobs. Very welcoming store decor and display, a lot more welcoming than their price. Across the street there’s Marc by Marc Jacobs, less high fashion, more approachable.

Accessories section in Kitson. Quite overwhelming isn’t it?! You are only going to be more overwhelmed in the store!

Urth salad & English Tea Latte. Highly recommend!


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