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White invasion


My mum used to be a one-color outfit person, head-to-toe all black, all white, or all blue. Her justification is that one-color outfit looks expensive. This was the very first time I put together an all-white look with affordable items and I have to agree with her that it does look somewhat “uptown”.  Walking down the street with my “uptown” attitude, people looked at me they were like, come on you think you are Snow White or what! As a matter of fact, all those Snow White movies came out recently, they did inspire me for this outfit 😀

As for why I picked up the word “uptown” for my blog while I am not from anywhere uptown, we all know the old song “uptown girl” from Billy Joel, a happy song with a catchy tune. That “uptown girl” is like S and B, beautiful, confident, glamorous, sometimes acts bitchy but actually very warmhearted inside. I want to borrow the attitude and live my life glamorously inside out. If you do love yourself and your life so much, you don’t need to be actually living uptown to become uptown, right?

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13 thoughts on “White invasion

  1. Sofie says:

    Super cute outfit! I think the only time you can wrong with just one color is when the color too loud and screaming. But if you stay with neutral colors it always works 🙂

  2. I never really considered wearing a monochromatic outfit before, because I was afraid it would look dull, but you definitely proved me wrong. This looks very chic and sophisticated, I love it!
    I’m now following you on Bloglovin 🙂

    • Dear Elyne,

      Thank you so much for following me on Bloglovin. You are my very first follower on Bloglovin yayyy!It means a lot to me! I read your blog and figured you are also new to fashion blogging (I started mine last month). Let’s keep on posting and grow together 😀


  3. Oh gosh, i’ve managed to find one beginners blog on chictopia with good design, photos and pretty outfits, can’t believe that! Right start)
    Love that your photos are so bright, we (in Russia, St Pet) have so many dark, rainy days – it’s really hard to shoot photos bright enought. I dunno, need other lense?

    • Believe it or not, I know exactly how you feel! I am in Shanghai (China) these days, and it’s been raining for like 3 weeks pretty much non-stop. (I was just about to talk about it in my new post lol) It is almost impossible to take pictures. A lot of pictures I took aren’t good at all. Sometimes Photoshop helps a bit, sometimes nothing helps. I am considering taking pictures indoor, hope it will work 😀

        • I’ve been living in Los Angeles where there’s practically no winter. Now I am in Shanghai, cold winter is pretty new to me, staying stylish is challenging enough, not to mention photo shoot!Some bloggers manage to wear summer dress in the snow though, just dont know how they do that…We’ll see..

  4. We plan to take a shoot indoor, and sometimes to shoot our winter outfit outdoor. We have rather cold winter here (about -15, sometimes -20, with a wind – in bad days)), but it’s not a challenge anymore – me and my friend Varavara, we used to live in Siberia, it’s a region of Russia, there was -30 -35 in winter))) No opportunity to fashion))) You just have to wear uggs, long skirt and 2-3 pairs of wool tights – the best desigion to stay a little bit pretty in that weather))
    So will see how we cope with that challenge) Challenge is a good thing, creativity will help us)

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