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Floral for fall

???????????????????????????????2012831cTopshop floral print skinny jeans
LNA deconstructed zipper tee
Marc Jacobs “Rio” snakeskin embossed satchel bag
Rachel Zoe “stevie” ankle band sandals

Finally got a free day after a quite extreme month…First thing I do, update my blog!

I know floral jeans are like so spring 2012 and I gonna confess I am very slow at adopting stuff (As a Taurian its quite common isn’t it? haha). I am never the first one to try out the latest trend altho I am always fully aware of what’s on trend. Personally, I really don’t mind wearing last season or even last year’s stuff. (Karl Lagerfeld too! ) Anyways, these are my very first pair of pants from Topshop and it fits me like a glove!! The floral print is pretty, not too busy, and quite appropriate for fall.

And now I gonna go catch up with PROJECT RUNWAY!!! Who’s your fav? I love the twins, both the evil and the nice ones :p

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