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One day at Waldorf

Two days ago was my boyfriend’s birthday. Instead of an actual, solid gift, I wanted to give him an experience for a change. Since we didn’t have the time for a trip out of the city, I decided that one day in Waldorf Astoria might count as an escape.
20130107 (1)Late Victorian themed interiors with marble floors, white plaster walls,Palladium columns and lavish leather furnishings.The lobby gives a good explanation about British classic elegance.

201301017 (3)c The room’s got panoramic view of the skyline along Huangpu River, however it was too foggy that day, I couldn’t take a good picture that shows the view.

201301017 (1)luxurious bathroom

20130107 (5)Birthday boy watching TV, while I was busy checking out the room.

201301017 (2)
Grand Brasserie, it’s been said that they offer the best brunch in Shanghai.

20130107 (6)

The best indeed.

20130107 (4)Rum and cheese birthday cake. The alcohol was pretty strong. We two finished more than half of it, both feeling buzzed before dinner was served.
Drunk without drinking.

20130107 (3)wireless keyboard for TV., classic combined with modern


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