Work: [Strong & Sexy]


Lost my passport lately, have no idea when, where and how that happened. What’s worse, none of my friends are surprised. So I thought…before my memory gets worse, I might as well start recording my works.

This is my very first major thing for Elle China, a 4-page feature article reasoning why being physically and mentally strong makes a woman sexy.

In Asia, it is generally believed that women shouldn’t have a degree unnecessarily high, making too much money, being too strong-minded or simply too muscular, all of which lead to the dreadful consequence that no man on earth would ever wanna marry you. Ok may be not only in Asia, it IS worse here.

Nothing fundamental can really be changed by one article in a fashion magazine but I felt somewhat accomplished when I bumped into girls who had read it and thus felt better about themselves .

PS: back then I appeared under the pseudonym of “Uptown Gal” (coz my editor wanted something “spicy”). Pretty silly huh. Of course I have dropped it. No more disguise.


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