Wang obsession

Alexander-Wang-Spring-Summer-2013-Backstage-Beauty-6 delicate cutouts (Spring/Sumer 2013)
Alexander-Wang-Fall-Winter-2012-Collection-32Alexander-Wang-Fall-Winter-2012-Collection-33monochromatic layers (Fall/winter 2012)
Alexander-Wang-Spring-Summer-2012-Backstage-Shoes Is that lady Nina Garcia? (source:

I don’t think I am the type of girl he designs for, but I have a feeling I will be in a few years.


5 thoughts on “Wang obsession

  1. halliedaily says:

    Hey, Elsa! So glad I checked on your blog today, totally in love! More important! you are Chinese as well! I am feeling much closer now I hope you don’t mind, hehehe…..

    Keep in touch! would love to get more inspiration from you!

    • Hi Hallie~ You have no idea how thrilled I am to see a comment from you! I feel like my baby blog wasn’t ready to be visited by someone like you yet (囊中羞涩ing) haha High five for the fact that we are both Chinese! XX

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