My Daily Wear

Lace, Leather, Denim

wanderuptown01wanderuptown02 Topshop denim jacket
Zara lace top
no name leatherette skirt
Rachel Zoe Stevie ankle band sandals
Coach bag

I’ve been fighting all my life against my fear of camera. In most of my childhood pictures I was either frowning or trying to kill the person holding the camera. In one particular picture, I was pulling my mum’s hair after she successfully took one. Evil kid.

It was not until 2005 when Facebook came out that I officially decided I wanted to conquer the fear. To this day I still feel kinda awkward standing in front of a camera for these outfit photos. So please bear with me if I look stiff (or mean/sad/angry). Will get better to prove I am not a sad person.

Back to the outfit. I love mixing different textures. And I love splits (I bet you can tell from my last post and some others). No help for that. I was among those gals who cut their school uniform skirts open (and had them shortened of course!) in high school. Oh, the good old days…


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