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Manhattan beach

Spring, as hopeful as it sounds, could be quite moody, it just can’t decide whether it wants to move on to summer or go back to winter. When the weather fluctuates a lot, a black cardi comes in handy. Put it in your bag or tie it around your waist. Throw it on when needed.

PS: Recently upgraded my camera to an actual DSLR from compact DSLR thus taking pictures became so much more fun.  Also need to thank my friend Sheila for taking these pictures and making me look so unbelievably tall.

wanderuptown_mb_1wanderuptown_mb_2wanderuptown_mb_3 Urban Outfitters crop top
Saks Fifth Ave linen shirt
Brandy Melville cardigan
Topshop high waist jeans, here
Gorge Gina & Lucy studded pouch bag

The roads to the beach were so steep that not having flip-fops in my bag was very unwise.

wanderuptown_mb_7wanderuptown_mb_8 super homey place,  waitress put her and our names on the table. how lovely.


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