My Daily Wear

July 4

FindersKeepers dress
Dolce Vita shoes
YSL bag

OK. July 4 was very last week but I had the longest week, exceptionally bumpy just as Susan Miller predicted. Flew from Shanghai to Guangzhou on July 1st, the flight was delayed for 6 hours (for a 2 hour flight), from Guangzhou to LA, delayed for 2 hours. Then I was in San Francisco when the airplane crash happened… You can imagine how long I stayed in the airport waiting for a flight back to LA. To add to my pain, a lot of writing was due during the week so I had to work while on the road.

So much for the whining. You are not going to believe I did not dress for July 4 on purpose. These pictures were actually taken in Shanghai end of June. The dress happened to be blue, the shoes happened to be red. Thought the large bag added a bit of sporty vibe to the otherwise quite dressy look.

And I am off to LAX again right now lol…


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