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Holding a little grunge


3.1 Phillip Lim tank, on sale here
7 for all mankind jeans
Enzo Angiolini pumps, similar here

I know I’ve talked about grunge earlier, but then I was asked by an editor at ELLE to write about it. Its like a 2 page essay. So I got to sit down and really think about what grunge is doing to fashion, I mean, seriously.

Most of those who are more for minimalistic style hate grunge, because, it is pretty much against all the right things: pretty, adorable, elegant, smart… Although some designers like Celine and Dries Van Noten manage to keep it clean and soft, the layering, mix of prints, patches still signal rebel in some degree. Grunge is not supposed to look lux. The whole point is, just as what the musicians were trying to do back then, to break rules set by high fashion. Did you see how messy and inappropriate those Prada and Saint Laurent girls look on the runway?  It is liberation. For once,  screw perfect, coz none of us really are.

As soon as it gets colder, I am going to play with layers like crazy. Can’t wait to practice imperfection. How exciting!

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