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Secret Garden

wanderuptown_1 wanderuptown_2 wanderuptown_3 wanderuptown_4 wanderuptown_5wanderuptown_7 wanderuptown_6 Started this blog hoping to record my footsteps, lifestyle and wearing style but somehow detoured towards a 100% fashion blog. It’s time to make a U-turn, because beauty lies in so many things other than clothes and shoes, and because my outfits are mostly inspired by things other than runway collections and fashion magazines. I have this thing for underrated spots that are off the radar of tourists and hidden in the splendor of a metropolis, which I will be blogging about besides outfits. Consider this a mission statement. Here are some pictures from July that didn’t make a blog post till now. A typical off-duty day starting in a lovely cafe named 26 Beach Restaurant followed by a walk along Venice Canals with my amazing roommate Sheila. I am sure you’ve seen this pajama pants from Zara.

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