Travel with me

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1/2. University of Washington, Seattle
3 Gastown Steam Clock, Vancouver
4 Skyline seen from Stanley Park, Vancouver
5 The Seattle Great Wheel, Seattle
6 First Starbucks in the world (Pike St.), Seattle
7 Pike Place Market, Seattle
8 Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills
9 Downtown Santa Barbara

Sorry for the long absence on my blog. I’ve been on vacation and travelling with a passion for iphone-graphy. I love Seattle so so much, Pike Place Market is not just endless selection of food, but it is where food meets art, with a lot of galleries/studio, cafes, bars and lovely bookstores. Not to mention it is where Starbucks started out. You won’t believe how much better coffee tastes in Seattle! Capital Hill also gets me! Will write more about it in a separate post.

Still have quite a few photos on my phone to be uploaded. I am back in LA for a couple days before heading to New Orleans. Can’t be more excited! Happy New Year guys! Stay tuned via Instagram@elsalonggg 😀


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