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South Pasadena

When my friend Sheila decided to move to South Pasadena, a small town far away from the beaches and most of her friends, everyone was like huh? There’s nothing there, they say. But Sheila is a girl who always sees things with curious eyes and an open mind, she soon found several quiet and lovely cafes perfect for work, so there I was joining her for fizzy drinks at Buster’s Coffee (we didn’t get coffee coz the colorful interior calls for ice cream float!) As a responsible local tour guide, Sheila took me for a walk on Mission and passionately describe every place as we walked by, an antique shop to find hidden treasures, a bakery where long lines are expected….And then we are in this amazing second-hand bookstore, The Battery, feeling like crashing some super nerdy bookworm’s home. People (like me) fly all the way to Seattle in order to get lost in bookstores like this. There’s that mysterious charm and weirdness that Barnes and Noble don’t provide. If you romp around your own city with a traveler’s mindset, you could be pretty surprised by what you find. I wore a typical girl-next-door onesie, while at this stage of my life I rather not be defined as cute so I toned down the cuteness with a fuzzy sweater. Thank god it’s cropped, it was yet another hot winter afternoon in LA when only shorts are appropriate. wanderuptown_pasadena1 wanderuptown_pasadena2 wanderuptown_pasadena03 wanderuptown_pasadena4 wanderuptown_pasadena5 wanderuptown_pasadena6 wanderuptown_pasadena7 wanderuptown_pasadena8 wanderuptown_pasadena9 wanderuptown_pasadena10 Motel crop sweater from Nastygal, here Pull & Bear coated denim overall, similar here Christian Dior vintage shoes Follow me on Bloglovin | Instagram | Tumblr | Pose


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