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Greystone Mansion











Chances are you’ve seen Greystone Mansion, too many times, in movies. It has appeared in X-men, Spiderman, Air Force One, just to name a few. What you probably not know is that this place is actually free for everyone to see. You can’t get into the building but you are free to go around it and play in the garden. There wasn’t even a security or any kind of staff when I went there on a random day. So my friend Bella and I felt pretty free to move things around (trash cans, for instance) in order to take better photos. The upside of ridiculous traffic and the lack of public transportation in LA is that a beautiful place like this that is supposed to be tourisy never gets crowded. I call them famous secret spots. My photos are not doing justice to this ever elegant home in Hollywood, it was one of those very very rare cloudy day in California.

Those who follow my Instagram probably know I’ve been in Beijing for post-production of a show I started working on since June last year. I am finally done! With the help of a couple friends, I got to explore the city for a few days and lucky enough to have found a couple amazing, incredible, breathtaking secret spots that I swear even locals don’t know about, got a lot of msg from local friends asking where I went. With that said, stay tuned and you’ll find out!

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7 thoughts on “Greystone Mansion

  1. Great post! I loved you demure and very sophisticated outfit, especially a gazing skirt or dress. The place is absolutely magnificent! I am not a movie person, but was nice to know these facts, thank you for sharing sweetie! Wish you great weekend! ❤

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